Latex care

Congratulations! You now own your own ToveRain latex garment. What’s next?

You want to keep your latex garment as gorgeous as the day you got it. We have some instructions on how to do that.

Your latex garment will send to you “talced” and after trying it on you should wash and polish it according to the instructions below.

Handling your latex

Latex has the unique property of being very stretchy, but it must be handled with care otherwise there is a possibility of ripping. When putting on your latex garment be mindful of long nails and jewelry which can get caught. You can wear gloves when putting your garment on if you have long fingernails. We advise to put some talc powder inside the garment and on the skin before putting it on. There are special products you can use which are safe for the fabric and your skin like Vividres from Vivishine, but don’t use any other products that are not especially made for latex to avoid damage to your garment.

How to clean your latex

After wearing it’s recommended to wash your latex to keep its beautiful properties. Give it a good soak for 15-30 minutes in lukewarm water (30-40 °C) with Viviclean or other latex cleaning products and afterwards rinse it with clean water. Hang it up to dry on a hanger (no metal hangers) and leave it out of direct sunlight or the area of any type of heater.

Make it shine!

To make your latex shine please use products that are made specifically for latex to avoid damage to your garment. A good product to use is Vivishine or Pjur, which you can apply with a clean cloth when you are wearing it or add it to the water when you clean it.

Storing tips

Coat your latex with Vivishine or talc before putting it away. You can put your garment on a non metal hanger and store it out of the sunlight and heat sources. If you decide to fold your garments, keep them separated from each other as different colors can stain other garments and use tissue paper to separate your garments. Be mindful of zippers as they can also leave stains on lighter colored fabrics.

Things to keep in mind when taking care of your latex garments

  • To avoid weakening or fading of your latex please dry your garment on a hanger after it’s been subjected to extreme humidity or has been subjected to extreme extension.

  • Be mindful of heat (40°C and up) and avoid exposure to heat sources such as candles, open fire, heaters, direct sunlight etc.

  • Solvents and oily products will damage your latex and should be avoided at all times. Only use products that are specifically designed for latex to clean and polish your garment.

  • Sweat and bodily oils will damage your latex if you don’t wash your garment after wearing it as soon as possible.

  • Other materials that can damage or stain your latex are metals (especially copper, bronze and brass), nicotine or perfume. You can try to remove stains by washing. If the stain is still remaining you can try using nail polish remover, but stay away from the seams.

  • Be mindful of sharp objects and fingernails/toenails.

  • We do offer a repair service and might be able to repair certain damages or ripping of the fabric. Please contact us for further details if this happens.

If you apply all these tips your latex garment will last for a long time and will remain beautiful!